Inter-disciplinary Research Group on Seventeenth Century Thought

The Research Group emerged in 1999, from a series of seminars on 17th century natural philosophy, during which a specific strategy and focus of research gradually developed. The group is organised on an interdisciplinary basis, and promotes an interdisciplinary approach to 17th century natural philsophy and metaphysics bz attempting to read 17th century texts without a preliminary labeling of their topics as "science", "metaphysics", "theology", "physics" and so forth. Since 1999 the group had had regular meetings at New Europe College, Bucharest, on every second Friday, on various topics which delimitated trimestrial subjects of research. Twice a year we organised panel discussions and conferences on the current research, sometimes with guests from other universities and countries. Along with this regular activity, the Research Group is involved in several projects including the organisation of several seminars and research projects, the building of a specialised library, the Summer School.

Our topics of research so far include:

The members of the Research Group are academics from various fields with a common interest in 17th century origins of modernity but with very different backgrounds: from Physics and history of Science to Philosophy and Theology. As a research methodology, we focus on several of the core questions of 17th century natural philosophy, trying to place them in intellectual and historical context. All our discussions are based on primary sources, and to these texts we bring the different points of view, interests and tools, of our interdisciplinary background.

Panel Talk: Face to face with God: Individuals and Physical Bodies in 17th century natural philosophy, held in 23 April, 1999 at NEw Europe College (Bucharest). With: Vlad Niculescu (Toronto), prof. John Henry (Edinburgh), prof. Anca Oroveanu (Bucharest), Horia Roman Patapievici.

Dr. Vlad Alexandrescu (Bucharest), dr. Dana Jalobeanu (Bucharest) Katherine Brading (Oxford), dr. Andreea Deciu, dr. Iana Parvulescu (Bucharest), dr. Gheorghe Stratan (Bucharest).

Some of the members of the Research Group in a less usual location at Vama Veche on the Black Sea.